Editing Cloud Settings

When onboarding Incredibuild Cloud, you specify many settings such as the ports used to manage various types of communications, type of VMs to use on your cloud provider, and the email to use when sending you notifications. Most of these settings can be changed after onboarding by returning the settings tab and making any changes you want. However, some of these settings may be grayed out and display a message that additional steps are required. These settings require the creation of new virtual machines. For example, in order to change the type of VM from 64 cores to 32 cores, we need to remove the current VMs and create new ones.

During this process, there will be a few minutes of downtime for your cloud helpers. If an initiator is currently in the middle of running a build, no data will be lost. However, this might slow down their build. Therefore, if something critical is currently running we recommend waiting for it to finish before starting this process.

How to Change Settings that Require New VMs

This procedure differs depending on your version of Incredibuild