Incredibuild Cloud Overview


Incredibuild Cloud enables you to use cloud-based Virtual Machines (VMs) to infinitely increase the number of cores you can use for executing tasks, without needing to install in advance any Helper Agent on on-premises or cloud machine or launch and maintain any cloud resource. For using Incredibuild Cloud, all you need is the basic package of Incredibuild and an active cloud account.

Incredibuild Cloud automatically launches and terminates VMs on the cloud according to your on-going needs. This solution not only accelerates your development cycles, but also saves you major cloud resource costs, which are otherwise incurred for running your tasks over a cloud environment.

Once you activate Incredibuild Cloud, Incredibuild automatically creates for you on the cloud a set of VMs that will act as Helper Agents. These VMs are moved into a Sleep state after their creation, and are placed in Incredibuild pool on the cloud. When Incredibuild Coordinator sends a request for available cores, the VMs in the pool are activated according to the number of requested cores. This mechanism significantly decreases the amount of time that is needed for providing available cores for task execution, in comparison to launching new VMs from scratch each time a request is made. Furthermore, by keeping the VMs in a Sleep state instead of a running mode, your cloud costs are reduced dramatically. Incredibuild Cloud enables you to define the number of VMs that will be included in the pool. If the need arises and the acceleration of your tasks requires more cores than the ones that are available in the pool, Incredibuild Cloud will launch for you additional VMs, and will terminate them upon the completion of the task execution. 

Incredibuild Coordinator Monitor displays the current activity of your resources on the cloud, and provides you with additional information on the VMs that serve as Helper Agents. It also allows you to manage your Incredibuild Cloud solution according to your changing needs. 


  • Simplicity – No special configuration or integration is required. To use Incredibuild Cloud, all you need is an Incredibuild license and a cloud account. After a very short and simple activation process, Incredibuild Cloud solution becomes fully and continuously active, and it can be paused and resumed with a click of a button.

  • On-demand Flexibilityand Scalability – With Incredibuild Cloud, VMs are automatically launched and terminated according to the builds you are executing, and the number of resources calculated for maximum acceleration. You can set a lower and upper threshold for the desired number of Helper Agents you want to use. You can also change these thresholds when the need arises, following changes that occur in your IT and Dev environments and requirements. When using both on-premises machines and cloud VMs in a hybrid mode, changes in your on-premises infrastructure are seamlessly complemented by the cloud, either by using more or less cloud resources.   

  • Cost Efficiency – Incredibuild Cloud optimizes costs by shutting down active cloud resources once your build execution is completed or aborted, or after a predefined timeout threshold is reached.  

  • Accessibility and Collaboration – Run your builds from anywhere in the world without comprising performance - from your office, home, or a remote site - and set your desired geographic location for Incredibuild Coordinator for the best latency. Easily collaborate with you team across different locations and time zones.