You can use the scheduler to automatically wake up your Cloud machines or to schedule downtime for maintenance.

  • Waking up machines before you need them can help your developers access cloud machines without having to wait for them to wake up. However, if they are not used by the VM idle timeout defined in the cloud settings they will go back to sleep. This can also be done on demand using our API.

  • Scheduling agent maintenance is important to allow the cloud machines to update their operating system. We recommend doing this once every 2-4 weeks. The cloud machines are automatically returned to the pool after they have either updated their operating system, or discovered that there is no available update.

Schedule an Action

  1. Go to your CoordinatorCloudEdit Cloud Settings. This may vary slightly with different versions of Incredibuild.

  2. Go to the Scheduler tab and click .

  3. Select Agent Maintenance or Wake up Agents as the Action Type.

  4. Define the time of the action using the Recurrence, Date, and Time fields.