You can configure Incredibuild to use secure communication between internal components (SSL), and to use HTTPS when accessing the Incredibuild user interfaces. When this setting is enabled, traffic is automatically redirected from HTTP to HTTPS, and the port 8081 is used instead of 8080.

Both security features are enabled in the Coordinator Settings > Network tab using the SSL checkbox (disabled by default):

Using a Custom SSL Certificate

By default, when SSL is enabled, Incredibuild uses a self-signed certificate generated at install/upgrade time. You can use your own certificate as well using the /opt/incredibuild/management/ script.

Use a custom certificate and key:

/opt/incredibuild/management/ install <cert> <key>

Both must be base64 encoded, and the key cannot be password protected.

Select an existing certificate and key, or Incredibuild's self-signed certificate:

/opt/incredibuild/management/ select ib|user

Regenerate Incredibuild's self-signed certificate:

/opt/incredibuild/management/ regenerate