User Management API

You can create new users with our User Management API. This requires an API Key. Users created using this API are given Viewer permissions.

 Request Endpoint

POST https://{IB Coordinator IP Address/Hostname}:{Web Access Port}/api/users/createViewers?version={api version}

Where version is the version of the Incredibuild API. For this version of Incredibuild, the API version is 1.3.0, but this API also supports version 1.2.0. If you do not specify a version in the API call, the lowest supported version will be used.

For example:

POST https://coordinatorPC:8000/api/users/createViewers?version=1.3.0

Request Format:

Header: The header must include a key called client-api-key and the value of your API key as a string. All APIs are case sensitive.

Body: The request body is an array of users where each item contains the following fields (some are optional). Each request can contain up to 15 new users.

Field Description Required Data Type
username username for login yes string
firstName User's first name no string
lastName   no string
email   no string in email format
password   yes string. Must be at least 8 characters, at least one uppercase letter, no spaces or special characters.

Example Body



"userName": "Linda236watt",

"firstName": "Linda",

"lastName": "Watt",

"email":  "",

"password": "string"


"username": "Jane.Austen",

"firstName": "Jane",

"lastName": "A",

"email": "",

"password": "string"



"username": "AlexChampion",

"firstName": "Alexandar",

"lastName": "Champion",

"email": "",

"password": "string"