Release Notes

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  • Added support for Debian 12.

  • To enhance security, we updated the version of PHP to 8.3 and Open SSL to 3.0.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements, including: 

    • Fixed a regression from 4.1 in Build Cache in which the first build that filled the cache (cold build) was not getting distribution.

    • Fixed a UI issue when opening the Agent UI from the Coordinator Manager's Agent List using compact view.

    • Stability improvements to the ability to collect all build logs in a single remote location.



A major release including a completely new Coordinator user interface and management capabilities.

Earlier Versions of Incredibuild for Linux

Note: Incredibuild for Linux Version 3 is going into maintenance mode and will no longer be supported after December 31, 2024.

Go to the documentation for earlier versions.