Activating Licenses

In order to use Incredibuild Linux to accelerate your builds, a valid license file needs be loaded to the Coordinator Manager. The License file includes all the licenses you purchased to assign to machines in your Incredibuild environment.

If you are an existing customer and want to renew or change your license, you need to deactivate your existing license before loading the new one that you receive from

Generating and Uploading a License

If this is your first Incredibuild license, or if you are using a new Coordinator, you need to generate a PK file and send it to Customer Support. The PK file lets us uniquely identify a particular machine, and is used to generate a license file that can only be used on that machine.

  1. Go to your Coordinator Manager (http://<IP address of the Coordinator machine>:8000).

  2. If you do not have a valid license loaded, you will be asked to generate a license key. Click Generate Key File to download the file.

  3. Send the file to and they will use it to create your license file.

  4. Browse to the license file and click Upload.

Unloading an Incredibuild License

If you have received an updated license file, you need to unload the original license before you can load the new one.

In the Coordinator Manager > License area, click Unload.