User Management

Note: This feature is only available from Incredibuild 3.8.3 and higher.

You can manage who has access to the Management Console of each of your Incredibuild machines. By default, no user authentication is required, but as soon as you create at least one user, authentication is enabled.

When authentication is enabled, users see this screen when accessing the Management Console

Anyone can enter with view permissions by clicking Guest, but credentials are required for edit permissions.

You can log out at any time by clicking Log Out in the top right corner of the Management Console.

Managing the User List

Run the script /opt/incredibuild/management/

Use the parameters to list, add, and delete credentials:

  • list - show existing user names

  • add <username> <password> - adds a new user with full permissions

  • delete <username> - deletes an existing user

  • deleteall - deletes all existing users (removing the requirement for user authentication)

Note: The user list is managed individually on each Incredibuild machine.