Backing Up and Restoring Coordinator Data

This procedure allows you to backup and restore all of the Coordinator Data. This is designed to protect your data in the event that the machine hosting your Coordinator is destroyed. We recommend backing up the data on your Primary Coordinator frequently.

While the backup script is running, your Coordinator is temporarily stopped and you cannot begin new builds. Typically, the backup only takes a few seconds.

Backing up the Coordinator

Run the following command to backup the data on a Coordinator (primary or secondary):

/opt/incredibuild/management/ <path to output file>

You can specify any path to store the .tar file that will be created.

Restoring the Coordinator

You can restore data you backed up in the previous section to a newly installed Coordinator. The restored Coordinator must have a license loaded that has the same amount or more license cores as the Coordinator that is being restored. The restored Coordinator also must have the same identifier (DNS or IP depending on how agents connect to the Coordinator) as the Coordinator used to create the backup file.

/opt/incredibuild/management/ <backup .tar file>