Build Groups

Build Groups allow you to limit build distribution to a select group of Agents. Each Build Group includes Initiator Agents and Helper Agents. By default, every Agent is assigned to the Default Build Group.

You can assign an Agent to a different Build Group in the Coordinator's Agent List.

You can view the Build Group of every agent in the Coordinator Monitor > Agent List'sBuild Group column.

Creating or Edit a Build Group

  1. In the Coordinator Manager's Agent List, click the Build Groups button.

  2. Click Add Build Group to create a new Build Group.

  3. Click inside the name field and modify it to change the name of the Build Group.

Deleting a Build Group

To delete an existing Build Group, click Build Groups and use the trash button next to the Build Group you want to delete.

Assigning Agents to a Build Group

  1. In the Coordinator's Agent List, click the three dots menu next to an agent, click Build Groups and select an existing Build Group. You can use the search box to narrow the results.

  2. To assign multiple agents at once, select multiple agents and open the Actions menu.

  3. Click Add to Build Group.

Viewing all Agents in a Build Group

  1. In the Agent List, click Filters.

  2. Expand the Build Groups section, and select the Build Groups you want to display.