Viewing Agents

You can view details about each of your Agents in the Coordinator Manager's Agent List.

View Agent Details and Status

The agent list shows you information about each Agent such as it's status, available CPU, and description. Click Manage Columns to add or remove columns from the list. You can filter the list of options by typing a string in the search column

Available Columns:

Column Name Description
Agent Name The name of the machine hosting the Agent
Status See below for details of the available statuses
Agent Description Free text describing the Agent
Build Group The Build Group the agent is assigned to
Available Memory The available memory on the Agent machine
CPU Load The percentage of CPU capacity in use on the machine
License/Agent Cores The number of licensed cores compared to the actual number of physical cores detected on the Agent's machine
License Whether the Agent is subscribed or not


The IP of the machine hosting the Agent

Assigned to Initiator

The IP address of the machine that the Agent is currently working for

Last Connected

The time of the last communication from the Agent machine

CPU Frequency

The frequency of the CPU on the Agent machine

Initiator/Helper Active Cores

The number of cores that can be used by an Agent to run a build. This is determined by the minimum between the licensed number of cores and the number of physical cores on the Agent's machine. There are separate values for when the Agents acts as an Initiator or as a Helper.

Model Name

The CPU model

Operating System

The machine's operating system


The version of Incredibuild running on the Agent

A colored circle indicates the status of each Agent: 

  • Online: Agent is available to run a build.

  • Offline: Agent is not connected to the Coordinator.

  • Stopped: A Cloud Agent from your pool when it has been paused.

  • Updating: The Agent is installing the latest version.

  • Incompatible: The Agent has a different version of Incredibuild than the Coordinator and cannot fuction.

Filter the Agent List

You can filter the agent list by typing in the search bar, using the quick filter drop-down, or using the filter button. The search bar scans the following attributes: Agent Name, Build Group, IP, routing IP, Mac Address and current build title.

The filter button lets you filter the list of agents based on items such as status and available CPU. Filters with a black label on the right show you which items are currently being filtered.

After filters have been applied and the filter tab is closed, you can see an indication of any active filters next to the Filters button. You can view the total number of Agents, and how many are currently included in your filter in the footer at the bottom of the Agent list.

You can also modify the height of the rows using this button: