License Overview

The licensing model is based on the number of CPU cores you want to use for accelerating your builds. All the licenses you purchase are contained your license key. The Coordinator automatically allocates licenses to the connected machines in the Incredibuild environment. The licenses are allocated (or "subscribed") according to the number of cores each Agent machine has.

Note: Incredibuild considers each logical hyper-threaded core as a CPU core when allocating licenses.

License Types

There are two types of licenses available for Incredibuild Linux. Both types can be used for the registration and operation of Helper Agents and Initiator Agents. This means that both license types enable machines to accelerate builds that were initiated from other machines, and to initiate builds that will be distributed to other machines for acceleration. The difference between the two types is as follows:

  • Standard License – for a recurrent use of cores of a specific machine. This license is designed for machines whose cores will be used in Incredibuild Environment repeatedly, along multiple build executions. The Standard license is allocated and registered permanently to a specific machine for an ongoing use. It can be deallocated from a machine and return to the license pool, only if it is manually unsubscribed from the machine. 

  • SUVM License – for a one-time use of cores of a specific Virtual Machine (VM). This license is designed for VMs that are launched for the execution of one build only, and are terminated when the execution is completed. The SUVM license is allocated to a specific VM when it is launched, and it is automatically deallocated from it when the VM is stopped or terminated once the execution ends. The deallocated SUVM license returns automatically to the license pool, and it can be re-allocated to another VM upon its launch.

Both types of licenses are included in the same License file you receive from Incredibuild. The Coordinator automatically allocates both license types to machines that participate in Incredibuild Environment. The Coordinator can identify which type of license is suited to which machine, according to the command parameters that were used for installing an Agent on the machines. 

Automatically Subscribe New Agents

When new Helper Agents are installed, you can determine if they are automatically assigned a license ("subscribed"). You control this setting in the Coordinator Manager > Settings > General tab with the auto-subscribe new agents checkbox.

Modifying the setting does not affect Agents that are already installed.

Viewing your License Details

You can view all of your license details in the Coordinator ManagerLicense page.

View Subscription Status in Command Line

If you are working in the command line, you can see whether an Agent is subscribed by using the --check-license flag. For more details, see Executing Linux Builds.