System Requirements


All Incredibuild for Linux components must be run on 64 bit machines or containers

Note: Whenever cores are mentioned, they are logical cores.

Machine CPU RAM Storage Network
Coordinator 4 Cores 8 GB

10 GB (any storage device).

To generate detailed logs in case of issues, an additional 10 GB is required.

Static IP1 1 Gbps

Initiator 4 Cores Minimum of 4 GB per core on the machine

The space required to successfully build the codebase under test. (SATA SSD or equivalent). We recommend doubling the space required to successfully build the codebase if possible.

When using the Build Monitor it can use several GB per build for large builds. It is posssible to disable the Build Monitor, or to limit the number of saved builds in the Build Monitor.

Detailed logging also requires additional space.

Using local Build Cache requires additional space.

1 Gbps
Helper 4 Cores Minimum of 4 GB per core on the machine

15 GB (any storage device).

Additional space may be required depending on size of the output of the task assigned to the helper.

To generate detailed logs in case of issues, additional space may be required.

1 Gbps

Build Cache Service

8 Cores

16 GB

At least twice the size required to compile the codebase. Use be SSD disk only.

10 Gbps

Note: When using detailed logs for extended troubleshooting, additional storage space is required.


  • Ports: TCP Ports 2088, 2089, 4369, 5672, 9952, 9953, 8000, and 8080 should be available to be opened on the firewall in the machines, as well as in the network equipment (routers) connecting those machines. Port numbers are flexible, for details see Modifying Ports.

  • Cloud Ports: If you are using cloud machines, ports 31105, 31106, and 31107 should also be opened.

  • Network Speed: Minimum 100 Mbps, recommended 1 Gbps or higher.

  • Location: The machines should be on same physical LAN or connected through a VPN (same LAN is recommended).

  • Incredibuild Cloud: Incredibuild requires communication between all machines in your Incredibuild environment, as well as some communication with Incredibuild Cloud's management services. For details, see Cloud Network Requirements.


  • Root Permission: Installation and upgrade require root permissions to install Incredibuild daemons. After installation, everyday users do not need root permissions. Note that Incredibuild daemons run automatically with root permissions during restart, no action is needed to enable this.

  • SELinux: We strongly recommend disabling SELinux on all Incredibuild for Linux components.

User Interface

  • Screen resolution: Recommended 1920 x 1080, Minimum 960 x 1080

  • Supported browser: Chrome


Incredibuild installs and uses RabbitMQ on the Coordinator, and the Coordinator cannot be installed on a machine that already has RabbitMQ installed.