Product Usage Data Collection

Incredibuild collects data about product usage to enable us to learn and improve the product. This data includes basic usage and does not include any PII (Personal Identifiable Information). Starting with version 3.18, customers are automatically opted-in to data collection unless they manually opt-out.

Opting-Out of Data Collection

You can opt-out of data collection during installation or upgrade by adding the --disable-telemetry flag to the installation or upgrade command. For more details, see installation or upgrade.

You can also turn off data collection after installation by going to the Coordinator Settings > General > Help Us Improve Our Product setting.

What Data is Collected

The following parameters are collected. The names do not necessarily correlate directly to the names in our user interface.

Coordinator Status

Parameter Type
Since Integer
CoordinatorVersion Text
TimeStamp Integer
CoordStatus Integer
ErrorMessage Text

Helper Machines

Parameter Type
UUID Text Primary Key
MachineIP Text
MachineName Text
ConnectedSince Integer
AssignedToInitiator Text
PhysicalCores Integer
EffectiveCores Integer
LicensedCores Integer
Memory Text
FreeMemory Text
TotalSwapMemory Text
FreeSwapMemory Text
DirtyMemory Text
CachedMemory Text
SwapCachedMemory Text
OperatingSystem Text
CpuFrequency Integer
CpuLoad Integer
ModelName Text
IncredibuildVersion Text
EfficiencyScore Integer
LicensedAsServer Integer
PackageId Integer
NonAvailableReason Text
Usage Text
PrevLicensedAsServer Integer
PrevLicensedCores Integer
InitiatorCores Integer
AutoSubscribe Integer
AgentRole Integer
Expired Integer
GuiWebServerPort Integer
EnableAsHelper Integer

License Description

Parameter Type
LicenseId Text
LicenseName Text
LicenseDescription Text
LicenseVersion Text
MaintenanceExpirationDate Integer
ExpirationDate Integer
LicenseIsValid Integer

License Details

Parameter Type
PackageId Integer
PackageType Integer
NumCores Integer
BuildServer Integer
SolutionName Text

Build Group Machines

Parameter Type
MachineUUID Text Primary Key


Coordinator Cloud Monitor

Parameter Type
CloudStatus Integer


High Availability Monitor

Parameter Type
PeerHostName Text


CoordType Text
CoordState Text