Running Yocto Builds

You can accelerate all of your Yocto builds using Incredibuild Linux. We have certified every version up to 3.4. This article assumes that you have already have Yocto builds up and running.

Configure Incredibuild to work with Yocto

  1. Configure Incredibuild to work optimally with Yocto by running the following on each initiator: 

    touch /opt/incredibuild/settings/minfuse.flag

  2. Configure Yocto parallelization:

    1. Create a text file called bitbake.ib.conf in your Yocto environment. This file will be used to define Yocto parallelization and it's path will be referenced in each of your builds.

    2. The contents of the file should be:

      PARALLEL_MAKE="-j 200"


      • PARALLEL_MAKE should be 1.5 times the number of cores in the Incredibuild grid

      • BB_NUMBER_THREADS should be 1.2 times the number of cores on your Initiating machine

Running Yocto Builds

You run Yocto builds using the ib_console command. For details, see Executing Your Builds.

For example: ib_console --avoid-user bitbake core-image-sato -r /<path>/bitbake.ib.conf

We strongly recommend using the --avoid-user or --avoid-shared flags to achieve optimal build times. For details about how to use these flags, see Build Avoidance.