Build Cache - Setting Up

This feature is only available in Incredibuild's Enterprise and Business Plans and is currently in limited availability. For more details, speak to your Customer Success Representative.

How to Enable Build Cache on Initiators

  1. Go to Coordinator > Agent List.

  2. Select every initiator agent that you want to enable Build Cache.

  3. Click Actions >  Allocate Build Cache. If you do not see this option, make sure the agents have Initiator licenses.

  4. Click Actions > Build Cache Configuration and set the cache size and location . The size limit should be 2-3 times the size of the output of all of the builds that will contribute to this file cache, but the requirements may vary depending on your environment.

  5. On each Initiator Agent machine, you define if you want it to use a local cache, a remote cache, or both in the Agent Settings > Initiator > Build Cache Client tab.

    You can enhance the output in the command line and Build Monitor with more details using the Include more details in build output checkbox. Using this option will adversely affect the performance of your builds, so only enable this option when you want to analyze your Build Cache efficiency, such as when using Build Cache for the first time, or when its efficiency drops.

Override the Build Cache Behavior for a Specific Build

Clients define which Endpoint(s) are used by default in the Agent Settings, but this can be overridden in the build command for a specific build. Flags are defined to allow you to override the build cache behavior in the BuildConsole for Make and Build Tools, BuildConsole for Visual Studio, and IBConsole for DevTools CLIs.

For example, if you are using the BuildConsole command to run Incredibuild for make and build tools and you want to use a remote cache, you would add the /buildcacheremoteserver=[ip address:port] flag.

This is especially useful for CI builds, where the build command is part of the overall CI script.

Setting the Build Cache Behavior for a Specific Project

You can also configure Build Cache behavior to match a specific project using a build configuration file. You can create a configuration file with settings for a particular project, and store the file together with the project source code. This allows you to use the same settings (e.g., a specific shared cache) consistently across multiple agents and CI machines. For details, see Modify Settings per Build using a Configuration File.