The Coordinator Monitor

The Coordinator Monitor shows the current status of your Incredibuild Environment, such as the status, settings, environment, and resources of each Agent.

If any of the above options mentioned not immediately shown, they can be accessed from the View menu at the top of the window, which allows you to specify which columns to show as part of the Agent information table.

Understanding The Coordinator Monitor

Below is a description of the possible columns to be shown which can be chosen from the view drop down menu. 

Agent Status

Agent: The network name of the computer running the Agent. Only the first 12 characters of the name are displayed.

Status: What the Agent is currently doing

Up Time: Refers to the total amount of time since the Agent was last started

Build Progress: Shows the progress bar for whichever build is running.

   * This option is only available for Visual Studio versions below VS 2010.

Packages: Shows information on which solution and core packages are being used by each Agent.

Work Power: Shows total CPU power available to the Agent on your network.

Last connected: Shows when the Agent was last connected to The Coordinator.

Build Title: Name of your current build.

Agent Settings

File Cache:  The size of the cache that was allocated on the Agent host. This cache will be used by Incredibuild to cache files that are synchronized with the Agent when it helps others.

Logging Level: The logging level currently enabled by the Agent (Defaults to minimal).

Description: The Agent's description.

Remote Task Priority: The process priority given by this Agent to processes distributed for it to execute (processes this Agent executes as a Helper).


OS Version: Operating System version of the Agent machine.

Virtual Memory: Total and available Virtual Memory of the Agent machine.

Visual Studio Version: The versions of VS installed on the Agent machine

.NET Framework Version: the version on Agent machine.

Multi-boot: Shows other Agents recognized as running from another OS installed on a different disk partition on the same computer.

Code page: Active code page on the Agent machine

Logged On Users: All users currently logged on to the Agent machine


Physical Memory: Total and available physical memory on the Agent machine (not displayed by default)

Disk Space: Total and available disk space on the Agent machine (not displayed by default)

CPU Speed:  The computer's central processing unit speed, along with the current level of CPU availability (the latter decreases as the machine turns busier with other tasks).

Avail CPU:  The current level of CPU availability, shown as a percentage of the maximal CPU power (not displayed by default)

CPU Information:  A description of the computer's CPU hardware as detected by Incredibuild

Performance Rating:  An internal calculation that evaluates the machine's expected performance, based on CPU power (evaluated using a benchmark that Incredibuild runs upon startup of the Agent service), RAM performance, and the number of processors. The Coordinator considers this number in its assignment logic, and attempts to assign the strongest available Helper Agents to builds.

Power Status: Indicates whether Incredibuild is running on AC power, and the charge status of the battery.


IP Address:  The TCP/IP Address and port being used by the Agent on that machine (not displayed by default)

Network Connection: The network adapter name, description, and speed (in Mbps) of the selected Agent's currently active connection (not displayed by default)

Routing IP Address: The IP Address used by the Coordinator to connect to the Agent (not displayed by default)

MAC Address: The computer's network adapter's unique identifier

Administrative Settings 

Build Priority: The priority that will be assigned to builds started by this Agent. Agents with a higher priority will be assigned more Agents in comparison to other Agents when starting builds.

Allow Disable: Whether it is possible for the Agent to enter "Disabled" mode (not displayed by default)

Build Group: The Build group this Agent belongs to.

Assignment Priority: The priority given to this Agent by the Coordinator when considering which remote Agents to assign to a running build. Agents with a higher value will be assigned more often to builds.

Remote Admin: Shows whether this Agent is authorized to remotely administer the Coordinator service.