Customizing Incredibuild Options in Visual Studio

You can enable the Incredibuild menu, toolbar and shortcuts in Visual Studio.

  1. To enable the Incredibuild menu, in Visual Studio, go to Tools > Customize > Extensions Menu, select Incredibuild and then click Save and Restart.

  2. To enable the Incredibuild toolbar, go to Tools > Customize > Toolbars, select Incredibuild and then click Close.

  3. To customize the Incredibuild toolbar, go to Tools > Customize > Commands, and then from the Toolbar dropdown, select Incredibuild.

  4. To add commands to the Incredibuild toolbar, click Add Command, select Incredibuild from the Categories list and then select the commands to add to the toolbar, and click OK.

  5. Click Close.

  6. To add keyboard shortcuts to Incredibuild commands (use this to override standard Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, for example, by setting F7 to start an Incredibuild build, or CTRL-F7 to compile the currently edited file):

    • Go to Tools > Options > Environment > Keyboard.

    • In Show commands containing, enter Incredibuild.

    • Select the required command, and in Press shortcut keys, enter the keyboard shortcut.

    • Click Assign.
    • Click OK.