Running a Build from Visual Studio

To run a build with Incredibuild from Visual Studio:

  1. Install the Incredibuild Visual Studio Add-in.

  2. (Optional) Configure the Incredibuild menu and keyboard shortcuts.

  3. For SLN files/projects, select the integration mode between Incredibuild and Visual Studio to apply to your build.

  4. In Visual Studio 2019, select Extensions > Incredibuild> Build or Rebuild.

  5. Run your build in one of the following ways:

    • In Visual Studio 2017, select Incredibuild> Build or Rebuild.

    • From the Incredibuild toolbar, select Build or Rebuild.

    • To build an SLN file/project, in the Solution Explorer, right-click the SLN solution/project and select Incredibuild > Build or Rebuild.

    • From Incredibuild 9.5.0, to build a CMake project, in the Solution Explorer, click the Switch Views button, select CMake Targets View and then right-click the solution/project and select Build with Incredibuild. CMake projects always run in the Internal mode, regardless of the selected Integration mode.

    • If configured, use the Standard Visual Studio Commands.

    • Use the Incredibuild BuildConsole Command Line Interface.

  6. Once the build starts running, Incredibuild Build Monitor appears, giving you the great benefits of a real Build Visualization.

  7. You can run builds on multiple solution/project configurations using Batch Build.

  8. You can distribute custom build steps, events, and tools, for execution on remote machines (sequentially or in parallel), even at the process level (from Visual Studio 2010 and later).

  9. You can further improve performance by fine-tuning aspects of either Incredibuild's configuration or the project's settings.