System Requirements


Machine CPU RAM Storage Network
Coordinator 4 Cores 4 GB 10 GB (any storage device)

Static IP 1 Gbps

Initiator 4 Cores Minimum of 2 GB per hyperthreaded core on the machine (usually Physical cores *2), but we recommend at least double that (4GB). 30 GB (for diagnostic logs) + space required to successfully build the codebase under test. (SATA SSD or equivalent). We recommend doubling the space required to successfully build the codebase if possible. 1 Gbps
Helper   Minimum of 2 GB per hyperthreaded core on the machine (usually Physical cores *2), but we recommend at least double that (4GB). 11 GB (any storage device) 1 Gbps

Build Cache Endpoint (when using shared cache)

8 Cores

16 GB

Size: At least 2 times the size required for build artifacts using this endpoint

Speed: 5,000 iops

Throughput: 500 MB/s

10 Gbps


  • Ports: 443, 8000, 31100, 31104, 31105, 31106-311xx, 32103, 50052, 5672, 51100. These ports must be available to be opened on the firewall in the machines, as well as in the network equipment (routers) connecting those machines. All port numbers can be changed during installation and in the Coordinator Manager, except for 5672. 5672 can only be modified during installation or by speaking to

  • Network Bandwidth: Bandwidth includes both upload and download speeds. Minimum 100 Mbps, recommended 1 Gbps or higher, and significantly higher for Build Cache Endpoints (see table above).

  • Location: The machines should be on same physical LAN or connected through a VPN (same LAN is recommended).

  • Coordinator: The coordinator must have a static IP or a hostname recognized by DNS.

  • License Activation: Requires communication between the Coordinator machine
    and (our license validation service).

    • Proxy Management: If you are using a proxy to manage outbound communication for your on-prem machines, you should define a windows environment variable called HTTPS_PROXY with your proxy's URL as the value on your Coordinator machine. This allows us to route traffic through your proxy. The proxy must have a static IP or a hostname recognized by DNS.

      For example: or

      Incredibuild does not currently support proxies that require authentication.

  • Incredibuild Cloud: Incredibuild requires communication between all machines in your Incredibuild environment, as well as some communication with Incredibuild Cloud's management services. For details, see Cloud Network Requirements.


Incredibuild installs and uses RabbitMQ, and cannot be installed on a machine that already has RabbitMQ installed.


The following should be excluded from the active antivirus on the Initiator Agent machine:

  • Incredibuild installation folder.

  • The folder of the source code that will be executed.

  • For Visual Studio – when using Incredibuild with Visual Studio, it is recommended to exclude Visual Studio installation folder. If the entire folder is not excluded, it is mandatory to exclude the following Visual Studio executables: 'devenv.exe', '', and 'MSBuild.exe'.


  • The initiator machine must use SATA or NVMe solid state storage for the source files and the output directories.

  • Another factor that influences the required storage space is the number of builds that IncrediBuild saves in the Build History database. The more builds you save, the more storage space you need. You can set this value in the Max builds to preserve in DB parameter in the Agent Settings dialog box.

Operating System

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022. The Coordinator must be installed on a 64-bit operating system.

  • Permissions: Installation requires Power user permissions or higher.

Coordinator User Interface

  • Screen resolution: Recommended 1920 x 1080, Minimum 960 x 1080

  • Supported browser: Chrome (tested on version 98.0.4758.102 64-bit)

Supported Tools

For details, see Support Tools.