Incredibuild Features Matrix

While Incredibuild supports both Windows and Linux environments, there are some features that are only available in one version. The table below summarizes these differences.

Feature Incredibuild 10 for Windows Incredibuild 9 for Windows Incredibuild for Linux
License Management License Keys License Files License Files
SUVM Support Yes (as floating licenses) Yes Yes
Command Line Installation Yes Yes Yes
Build Groups Yes Yes Yes
Build Groups API No Yes (enterprise only) Yes (Build Group CLI)
Dashboards No Yes (enterprise only) No
Gitlab Solution Yes Yes No
Qt Creator Solution Yes Yes Yes
Visual Studio Solution Yes Yes No
Make Solution Yes Yes Yes
DevTools Solution Yes Yes Yes
Unit Test Solution Yes Yes No
Android Support Partial Partial Yes
Yocto Support No No Yes
Backup Coordinator Yes Yes Yes
Build Monitor Yes Yes Yes
Standalone Build Monitor Yes Yes No
Work from Home Support Yes Yes Yes
Docker Support Yes Yes Yes
Full Host Resource Docker Support No No Yes
SQL Data Reports No No Yes
Incredibuild Cloud Yes Yes Yes
Encrypted Communication Yes Yes Yes
Self-signed Certificates Yes Partial Yes
User Interface

Agent - Native Windows

Coordinator - Web

Native Windows Web
Build Avoidance / Build Cache Yes No Yes
Offline Licenses Yes Yes Yes
Build and Assignment Priorities Yes Yes No