Command Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI for Incredibuild Cloud allows you to perform a number of commands such as pausing and deleting, and scaling to the cloud. The CLI tool can be run from any machine that has access to your Coordinator and all machines and URLs mentioned in the network requirements.

Download the latest version of the CLI tool for windows or the CLI tool for Linux. For Linux, you can verify the tool using our MD5.

When running these commands, you use different commands depending on where you are running the commands from: 

  • Running from Windows machine: ibc-cli-windows.exe

  • Running from Linux machine: ibc-cli-linux

Export Cloud Settings

In order to use the CLI tool to either scale to the cloud, or update your settings, you need to first export a set of valid settings from an existing cloud account:

  1. Log in to your cloud account and go to the Cloud Settings.

  2. Click Export to export a JSON file with your settings.

CLI Actions