Release Notes

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  • Bug fixes and performances improvements.


  • Improved Coordinator stability when using Cloud Helpers.

  • Fixed a minor memory leak on the Coordinator when Cloud Agents disconnected.



  • Fixed a regression relating to Ubuntu 16.4 environments and other environments with the pthread 2.19 library.


  • You can now use Kubernetes to deploy Incredibuild Agents and accelerate your CI processes.

  • Added get commands to enhance the ability to change settings using the CLI.

  • As part of our efforts to continually improve our products and services, Incredibuild for Linux will now collect general data about product usage .

  • The end user license agreement (EULA) must now be manually accepted during installation and upgrade. You can add the -P flag to accept the terms and skip this manual step.

  • Upcoming release announcement: We are working on some big developments to help support many new features. We just wanted to give you a heads up that the next major release will have additional requirements regarding which versions of Linux are supported on the Coordinator machines (distributions with glibc 2.28 and higher such as Ubunto 18.10 and RHEL 8).


  • Upgraded the Apache HTTP Server to 2.4.57 to improve security.


  • Added support for additional SSL formats including uploading the full certificate chain.

  • Added support for AOSP 13.

  • Upgraded the Apache HTTP Server to 2.4.55 to improve security.

  • Added the ability to install an initiator only agent on a machine (without a helper agent).

  • Added the ability to enable build cache for all users defined in a linux user group. Previously you could only enable it for individual users or for all users.

  • Added support for RHEL 9 and SUSE 4 SP15.

  • Tightened permissions to access some files, so now some the CLI to change settings and the CLI for user management require root user permissions.


  • Added support for AFS file systems using links to paths that include parameters.

  • Fixed an issue in the high availability coordinator, where failover took longer in certain edge cases.


  • You can now install a Secondary Coordinator that will be used if your Primary Coordinator is down.

  • You can use our new scripts to backup and restore the data on your Coordinator at any time.

  • You can now modify a number of settings using the command line.

  • Upgrade 3rd party libraries to improve security: PHP 7.4.33, Open SSL 1.1.1s, Apache 2.4.54.


  • Added support for Yocto 4, Amazon Linux 2, and Ubuntu 22.04

  • Added an alert to notify you 30 days before your license will expire.

  • We upgraded the version of ccache used in our Build Avoidance algorithm. After upgrading to 3.15, the first build you run will automatically refresh your cache (one time only) and may be slower.

  • General performance and scalability improvements.


  • Fixed a regression in 3.14 in which helpers were sometimes not fully utilized.

  • Added support for podman and lxc containers.

3.14.0 (pi release!)

  • Added support for AOSP 12.

  • Added a new flag to the command line to verify whether a Helper Agent is currently subscribed.

  • You can now decide if Helper Agents are automatically subscribed or not when they are first connected to the Coordinator.

  • Improved algorithm to more efficiently utilize helper agents.


  • Incredibuild Linux now supports Yocto builds.

  • The entire user interface has been redesigned to improve the look and feel.

  • We added an optimization for builds that were slowed due to compression performance.

  • We added the option to send additional performance data to the database for performance analysis.

  • Our internal databases have been optimized to use less disk space and improve performance. However, build monitor data from builds in previous versions will no longer be accessible once you upgrade to this version.


  • Stability and performance improvements.


  • Improvements to docker CPU memory management.

  • Added meaningful error messages in the user interface in cases of Report errors.

  • Fixed a minor regression introduced in 3.11 relating to exporting logs.

  • Resolved an issue where textual output would sometimes not recognize new lines.


  • You can now use HTTPS to access Incredibuild user interfaces.

  • You can now use SSL to encrypt communication between Incredibuild components.

  • Incredibuild can now respect the resource limitations of Docker containers.

  • You can now specify the maximum number of local cores to be used by the Initiator when running a build.

  • We increased the speed of exporting log files.

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.


Incredibuild Cloud now supports Linux

Incredibuild Cloud lets you instantly scale up to hundreds of cores using cloud VMs. Incredibuild uses algorithms designed to save costs as well as maximize performance.


  • Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) 11 is now supported.

  • The installation and upgrade process are now both run from the same unified installer.

  • The system requirements have been updated.

  • We added a few new graphs and improved the way graphs are selected.

  • You can now stop builds that are in the pending status.

  • As always, each release also includes bug fixes and stability improvements.


Incredibuild Linux UI now supports:

  • Filter-based Bulk operations on multiple machines in the Coordinator monitor

  • Coordinator monitor view - selecting optimal number of entries per page

  • Coordinator monitor view filter - added dropdown for selecting the searched column

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.


Note: Incredibuild Linux is transitioning to the Semantic Versioning convention. This means you will now be able to tell what type of content is available for an upgrade whenever we release a new version. 0.96.80 > 3.8.3 (formerly would have been 0.96.91…)

Coordinator Monitor:

  • Added filtering options in Coordinator Monitor grid view

    Column names

    Agents Statuses

    • Agent Name

    • Agent IP

    • Build Group

    • Licensed / Agent’s Cores

    • Initiator / Helper Active Cores

    • Memory

    • Operating System

    • Model Name

    • Version

    • Subscribed

    • Unsubscribed

    • Online

    • Offline

  • User Authentication for Agent Management Console:

    Added user authentication to allow controlled access to Agents user Interface. Two groups of users have been added:

    • Authenticated users with edit and view operations

    • Guest users with “view only” permissions in Agent UI

User authentication is disabled by default - while “list” is empty, the feature is disabled

  • Monitor tab can now be opened also when running in --no-monitor mode

  • Added ability to "Stop Build" from the Build History tab

  • Task Duration information added to the Task Information window

Build Groups:

  • New Build Group functionality:

    • Machines may be assigned to Build groups through the Coordinator monitor (similar to Subscribe action)

    • An Initiator may be assigned helper cores only from helpers sharing the same build group

  • All machines come predefined as part of the “Default” build group

  • Build group settings (edit, add, delete) can be found in the Coordinator Settings tab

Installation validation:

  • Installation validation- in cases where available disk space is less then 50GB and is less than 20% of the disk partition, the installation will fail.

  • Prevent usage of tmpfs file system for Incredibuild storage due to insufficient directory permissions

Version 0.96.80 

New Support for Android 10 (Q) (AOSP)

Incredibuild Linux now accelerates the execution of Android 10 (Q) builds.

For more information, see Executing Android 10 OS Builds.

Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 0.96.71

A New Type of License - Single-Use VM

Incredibuild Linux now offers a new type of license – Single-Use VM (SUVM). This license is designed for Virtual Machines or containers that are launched for the sole purpose of providing additional CPU resources to a task execution. After the task for which they were launched is completed, these machines are terminated. A SUVM license is allocated automatically by the Coordinator to this kind of machines when they are up. Once the task ends and the machines are terminated, the SUVM licenses are automatically deallocated, and they return to the Coordinator for re-use with other machines. For more information, contact

A New Build Avoidance Capability

A new built-in caching option is available, which accelerates the task execution process by not rebuilding objects that are up to date. This Build Avoidance capability can be easily enabled and disabled from the shell, according to changing needs and resources.

Bazel Support

Incredibuild Linux now supports Bazel versions up to 0.25.0, and Bazel sandbox builds.

Additional Improvements:

  • Installation improvements.

  • Simplifying and securing the configuration process of the network ports, which are required for the operation of Incredibuild Linux.

Version 0.96.37

  • Solved an issue that could cause builds to fail during an Incredibuild Coordinator restart.

  • Solved an issue that would cause a running build to fail if the Initiator would lose a connection with the Incredibuild Coordinator.

  • Various stability improvements.

Version 0.96.26

Build Systems support:

Incredibuild now offers experimental support for speeding up Gradle builds. For additional information please contact us at


  • A new option that improves execution performance by up to additional ~20% was added to the product. This option disables the ability to view data collected by Incredibuild that is used for displaying the Incredibuild graphical build monitor and used for the build queries. Console window build output and build history information is still available when this option is used. There are two ways to use this option:
    • Add the --no-monitor flag to the ib_console command line.

    • In the initiating machine's Agent Setting, disable the "Enable Build Monitor" check box under the Visualization tab:

  • Some general performance optimizations may increase performance by up to additional 7%. 


  • Incredibuild now maintains the license core allocation across Agents when a new license is loaded to the Coordinator.

  • Various stability bug fixes

Version 0.95.12

Build Systems support:

  • Incredibuild now offers experimental support for the Bazel build system. A benchmark for compiling the popular TensorFlow project showed a x7.5 acceleration boost, bringing TensorFlow compilation from 65 minutes down to 8.5 minutes.

  • To run Bazel builds with Incredibuild the following should be added to the regular Bazel command:

    --jobs=N --local_resources=R,N,1

    where N is the total number of cores on and your Incredibuild infrastructure while the R parameter should be N*200, i.e. if there are 70 cores on your Incredibuild infrastructure, the command should be:

    --jobs=70 --local_resources=14000,70,1

  • ccache support: Incredibuild now fully supports ccache in all operating modes (explicit invocation and implicit via soft link) - see ccache manual for details 

   ccache database created while using Incredibuild might be used by builds that are executed without Incredibuild and vise-versa, i.e. there is a full interoperability of ccache regardless of Incredibuild invocation.


  • In order to avoid trouble during Incredibuild version upgrade on the customer side, a new utility script is introduced: (resides in /opt/incredibuild/management). This script should be executed with sudo on the machine where the Coordinator is installed and receives a single parameter – the upgrade tar file. Example command line:

    sudo /opt/incredibuild/management/ Incredibuild_upgrade_0.94.95.tar.bz2

    This way it will be properly extracted to the correct location, and the Coordinator then updates all of the agents on the network to its own version.

  • Changes in the Incredibuild n installation:

    -O <coordinator ip/hostname> now is required only when -C option is not given. When installing the coordinator, it should always use the localhost, therefore -O is not required and even ineligible in this case.


  • chroot management scripts were updated to correctly support schroot:

    Now there are two scripts: and is for regular chroots – the syntax remained the same. is for schroot users. The main difference is that expects a name of chroot as a parameter instead of a directory where chroot is created. This complies with the regular syntax of schroot. Add and remove semantics are the same and are displayed in the command line help.

    Important: In order to make schroot directories be accessible by Incredibuild, the following line should be added to the file /etc/schroot/default/fstab  

    /opt/incredibuild /opt/incredibuild none ro,bind 0 0