Agent Actions

In the Coordinator Manager's Agent List, you can modify settings such as the Build Group and Agent Description. To modify a single Agent, use the three dots menu, or right-click any Agent.

  • Subscribe Agent: Manage how many cores receive licenses on this Agent.

  • Build Group: Assign an Agent to an existing Build Group that limits build distribution to a specified set of Agents. For details, see Build Groups.

  • Agent Description: Add a free text description of the Agent for identification purposes.

  • Unsubscribe Agent: Remove all licenses from an Agent.

Modifying Multiple Agents (Bulk Actions)

You can apply any action to multiple agents. If you filter your list of agents first, this can be a quick way to perform bulk actions such as assigning licenses or build groups based on agent status.

Hover over an Agent in the list to view the checkbox on the left. Check the relevant agents, and then click the Actions button or right click. Whatever changes you make will be applied to all selected Agents.

Tip: You can use the dropdown next to the checkbox in the title bar to select all Agents of a specific type.