Viewing Agents

You can view details about each of your Agents in the Coordinator Manager's Agent List.

License Usage

View how many licenses are currently assigned, waiting to be assigned (available), or cooling down. Each fixed initiator license can only be allocated once per 24 hours. After each allocation, the license is considered cooling down for 24 hours.

If you can't see the license usage area, click Show Status Bar.

Online Agent Activity

Get a high-level picture of your online Agents:

  • How many Agent machines are currently online

  • How many Helper Cores (including Cloud) and Initiator Cores are currently involved in a build

  • How many builds are currently running with Incredibuild.

If you can't see the Online Agent Activity, click Show Status Bar.

View Agent Details and Status

The agent list shows you information about each Agent such as it's status, available CPU, and description. Click Manage Columns to add or remove columns from the list. Some columns are only available when Cloud is enabled.

You can filter the list of options by typing a string in the search column: 

A colored circle indicates the status of each Agent: 

Ready: Agent is available to run a build.

Initiating: Initiator Agent is currently running a build. You will see the word "Running" and the name of the build.

Helping: Helper Agent is currently assisting in running a build

Offline: Agent is not connected to the Coordinator.

Stopped: A Cloud Agent from your pool when it has been paused.

Updating: The Agent is installing the latest version.

Error: The Agent cannot function due to an error. This might be an incompatible version error, or a duplicate agent name error.

Filter the Agent List

You can filter the agent list by typing in the search bar, using the quick filter drop-down, or using the filter button. The search bar scans the following attributes: Agent Name, Build Group, IP, routing IP, Mac Address, current build title, and logged on user.

The filter button lets you filter the list of agents based on items such as status and available CPU. Filters with a black label on the right show you which items are currently being filtered.

After filters have been applied and the filter tab is closed, you can see an indication of any active filters next to the Filters button. You can view the total number of Agents, and how many are currently included in your filter in the footer at the bottom of the Agent list.

You can also modify the height of the rows using this button: