Deprecations and Limitations

Some features from previous versions are no longer relevant due to the new license model and Coordinator user interface in Incredibuild 10. There are also a number of known limitations from previous versions that we plan to include in future versions.

  • Remote administration of the Coordinator from an Agent.

  • There are lots of great features for Enterprise customers, but the Dashboard and Build Group API are not yet available in this version.

  • Modifying the task priorities of helper agents to priorities Incredibuild tasks over other tasks the machine is running.

  • Exporting the Agent list to CSV.

  • Modifying columns in the Agent list.

  • Setting a description for each Agent in the Agent list.

  • Sending instant messages from the Coordinator to Agents.

  • Installing Incredibuild through Visual Studio.

  • Using Docker containers to launch Incredibuild Agents.