IBConsole Command Line Options

Command Line Options

The following table describes the IBConsole.exe command line options:

Option Function Notes
@ Specifies a response file containing an IBConsole command line. Use this option when the command line for running IBConsole is too long to specify explicitly in your script.
/Attach Displays the build output of either the current or last build. If a build is currently running on the machine, this displays the output for the build up to that point, and continues displaying the process output until it ends. If no build is running, IBConsole displays the entire build output for the last build initiated from this machine.
/AvoidLocal=[On/Off] Overrides the Avoid task execution on local machine when possible option in the Agent Settings dialog box. A value (either ON or OFF) is mandatory.
/Beep Plays a sound when the process is complete.


Override the setting that defines if local Build Cache is enabled on this Initiator.


/buildcacheremoteserver=[ip address:port]

Use a different build cache endpoint from the one defined in the Agent settings. The port must also be specified. For example: /buildcacheremoteserver=


/Disable Disables Incredibuild Agent to participate as a Helper.
/Enable Enables Incredibuild Agent to participate as a Helper.
/Help Shows usage help and version information.
/Log[=filename] Writes process output to a file. If a filename is not specified, a file named IB_<target-name>.log is created in the current directory.
/LogLevel="<Level>" Overrides the logging level for this build. "<Level>" can be one of the following: Minimal, Basic, Intermediate, Extended, Detailed
/MaxCPUS=<n> Overrides the global maximum CPUs/Cores in the build setting.
/MaxWinVer="<Version>" Specifies the maximal operating system required by remote Agents assigned to this build. Agents with a newer OS will not be assigned to the build. Available values are: XP, 2003, VISTA, 2008, 7, 8, and 10.
/MinWinVer="<Version>" Specifies the minimal required operating system required by remote Agents assigned to this build. Agents with an older OS will not be assigned to the build. Available values are: XP, 2003, VISTA, 2008, 7, 8, and 10.
/Mon[=filename] Writes a copy of the build progress (.ib_mon) file to the specified location.

- If only a folder name is given, Incredibuild generates a GUID for the file name.

- A message containing the location of the saved .ib_mon file is added to the end of the process output.

/NO_DOTNET_VIRT Disables the Virtualization of .NET environment on Helper machines. When this switch is specified in the command line, it instructs Incredibuild not to virtualize the .NET environment of the Initiator machine to the Helper machines. This switch was added to address .NET incompatibilities in a mixed OS environment.
/NoLogo Suppresses the "Incredibuild" header in the build output.
/NoWait When specified, if another process initiated by this Agent is already running, IBConsole exits with an "Another build already running" message.
/OpenMonitor Opens the Build Monitor window that shows the execution progress.
/out=filename Redirects the entire command line output to a file.
/QueryLicense Displays information regarding the active license, allocated packages, and maintenance expiration date.
/Reset Clears the Agent's file cache content.
/SetEnv="<name>=<value>" Sets or overrides environment variables for the context of the command execution. Use /SetEnv several times to set/override multiple variables.
/ShowAgent Shows the Agent used for each task execution.
/ShowCmd Shows for each executed task, the command-line used by Incredibuild to execute the task.  For XML Interface only.
/ShowTime Shows the Start and Finish time for each task.
/Silent Does not write anything to the standard output. Default behavior is to write the build results, as seen in the Build Monitor's Output display.
/Stop[=<build-id>] Stops a currently running build on the local machine. Provide <build-id> if more than one build is running. IBConsole returns the code 3 when a build has been stopped. If /stop was used and no build is currently running, code 2 is returned.
/StopOnErrors When specified, the execution will stop as soon as an error is encountered.


Stops all currently running builds


/Title=<build title> Specifies a custom header line which will be displayed in the beginning of the Execution output text. This title will also be used for the Execution History and Execution Monitor displays. Value may be surrounded by quotes.


When Cloud Helpers are enabled, this setting determines if they are used to assist in the current build. By default, the value is true. To prevent Cloud helpers from assisting in a build, set /UseCloudHelpers=false.


/UseIDEMonitor When IBConsole is run from the Visual Studio IDE with this option, the integrated IDE Execution Monitor displays the execution progress.
/Wait If another process initiated by this Agent is currently running, waits until that process is finished and then starts the new process. This is also the default behavior.


When enabled, inherits the build status from your Build System to Incredibuild, regardless of whether some tasks had errors or not. If there were errors on some tasks but the build was completed successfully, the build status is orange in the Build Monitor.

Disabled by default. Set /rootTaskAware=1 to enable

Return Codes

IBConsole returns the following return codes:

  • 0 – Build succeeded with no errors

  • 1 – Build failed due to error not related to Incredibuild (e.g. compilation error)

  • 2 –Build cancelled by user request

  • 3 – Build failed due to Incredibuild system error


  • Only one IBConsole execution can run on a single machine at any given moment. Therefore, a pause occurs between the time that a currently running build is completed and a new one begins to run.