Incredibuild's Virtualization Technology

Behind the scenes at Incredibuild, we call our unique technology that drives our product Process Virtualization.

This technology allows us to essentially distribute processes to remote machines without needing to install anything on these machines except for an Incredibuild Agent. It then allows us to bring back anything generated regarding your build back to your host machine.

This gives the feeling that you actually have hundreds of cores on your local machine.

In essence we've minimized the amount of IT effort required in maintaining Incredibuild to near zero. You don't need to keep tabs on a bunch of VM images, nor do you need to copy your files or scripts to other machines. Process Virtualization is what does the work.

Costs are also a main benefit, as besides the obvious gain in performance and time to market, you don't need to install on the Helper machines anything besides Incredibuild. Therefore, if you accelerate Visual Studio compilations or Autodesk's Maya rendering, you don't need to install these pricey products on the Helper machines as well.

Since this works generically for all sorts of builds, you can use Incredibuild to accelerate any kind of time-consuming multi-process execution.