Working from Home

Incredibuild can leverage the computing power of every machine in your environment. However, this requires fast network connections between your computers, whether they are physical machines, virtual machines, or cloud resources.

Work patterns are changing, and work is often done from home environments with less than optimal network speeds. To address this new situation, we have created some best practices when configuring your environment to support working from home.

Network Requirements

  • Bandwidth: 70MB/s or higher. The higher the better.

  • Latency: Below 200MS.

Types of Home Environments

While you can technically work with Incredibuild from any environment, the speed of your network can be a performance bottleneck. Therefore, we recommend connecting to a set of resources that are on the same network such as in the cloud or in your office. If you have no other choice, you can also install Incredibuild on multiple personal devices at home for free.

Best Practices to Optimize Performance when Working from Home

In order to maximize your performance when working from home, we recommend using the following best practices if they apply to your situation.