The Coordinator

Incredibuild Coordinator and Backup Coordinator

The Coordinator is the component that manages resource availability in an Incredibuild pool. It communicates with the Agents to identify the resources that are available or unavailable and manages them accordingly. You only need to have a single Coordinator per Incredibuild pool.

The Coordinator performs the following functions:

  • Subscribes and unsubscribes Agents from participating within the resource pool.

  • Maintains up-to-date Agent information through Status Reports received from Agents.

  • When tasks are waiting to be distributed, the Coordinator provides the Initiator with the necessary Helper agents.

  • The Coordinator is responsible for allocating Incredibuild solutions and core packages to Agents.

Backup Coordinator: Setting a Backup Coordinator is optional. A backup Coordinator kicks in when the main Coordinator fails for some reason (network disconnection, for example). You hopefully won't need it, but as with any professional working environment, having a safe guard can always be beneficial and will make sure your Incredibuild infrastructure is always up and running.