Purchasing Incredibuild Cloud from Azure Marketplace

You can purchase Incredibuild Cloud directly from Azure Marketplace. Currently, all packages on Azure marketplace require a licensed, working Incredibuild Coordinator (Windows or Linux) that you manage separately.

Purchasing and Installing Incredibuild Cloud from Azure Marketplace

  1. Go to the Azure Marketplace.

  2. Search for Incredibuild.

  3. Select the package you want based on your version of Incredibuild (Windows or Linux) and the number of Core Hours in your plan.

  4. When you complete your order, the IncrediUser Login window will open automatically. Enter your details or click Create a New User.

  5. If you created a new user, enter your user details and click Register.

  6. You should receive an email with instructions to go to your Coordinator and open the cloud settings by clicking Unlock the Cloud (in Windows) or Add Cloud Cores (in Linux).

  7. Log in with the same user you created (or logged in with) above.

  8. Click Next to activate your new cloud license.

  9. Create and enter your Azure login details.

  10. Continue with the Cloud Settings. If you want to change these settings after configuring your environment, please contact support@incredibuild.com.