Moving the Coordinator to a New Machine

To migrate your existing Coordinator to a new machine, use the following procedure. Most of the steps below can also be performed in the user interface.

  1. Backup your Primary Coordinator's settings using the following command: 

    /opt/incredibuild/management/ <path to output file>

  2. Install a new Primary Coordinator on the new machine. The version must be the same or higher than the original Coordinator.

  3. Obtain a new license and upload it to the new coordinator. The new license should have at least the same amount of cores as the original license.

  4. Restore the original coordinator data to the new Coordinator using the following command:

    /opt/incredibuild/management/ <backup .tar file>

  5. For every Agent in your grid, use the following command to move it to the new Coordinator: 

    sudo /opt/incredibuild/management/ coordinator <hostname/IP of new Coordinator>

    If run on a helper, it will stop any running tasks and reassign them to an available helper or the initiator. If run an Initiator, any builds started by that initiator will be aborted.

    If the new Coordinator is not the same version of Incredibuild as the Agents, the Agents will be automatically upgraded or downgraded.

  6. If you have a secondary coordinator, use the following command to reassign it to the new Coordinator:

    sudo /opt/incredibuild/management/ coordinator <hostname/IP of new Coordinator>