Coordinator Settings

System Settings

  • Max cores per build: The maximum number of cores in Incredibuild Environment that can be allocated to a single build. In order to maximize efficiency, we round up this number to utilize the full cores of each machine. For example, if there are 3 helper machines with 8 cores each, and the max cores is set to 12, this means that two helper machines will be used. Since the two helpers have 16 cores, we will use up to 16 cores to maximize efficiency (4 more than is specified in the max cores setting). The default is -1, which means there is no maximum limit. Setting this to 0 also means there is no maximum limit.

  • Max CPU load: When the CPU load of a Helper Agent exceeds this value from sources other than Incredibuild, it will drop any running tasks from Incredibuild and will not be given additional tasks for at least 60 seconds (the default value of the Machine Reload Timeout). The default is 80%.

  • Min free memory: The minimum free memory that allows a Helper Agent to be allocated to a task. The Coordinator will not allocate a Helper Agent whose free memory is below the defined value. The default is 512 MB.

  • Machine reload timeout. If an agent reaches its Max CPU Load, the Coordinator will check The amount of time a Helper Agent will not be allocated to a task, if its Max CPU Load exceeds the defined value.  

  • Auto-subscribe new agents: When new Helper Agents are installed, this setting automatically subscribes them to your Coordinator. Modifying the setting does not affect Agents that are already installed.

  • Help us improve our product & services: Incredibuild collects general data about product usage to improve our product. This data does not contain any PII (personally identifiable information), but you can still opt out at any time.

Network Settings

These settings let you modify the ports used by Incredibuild, and to define whether IPv6 or IPv4 protocols are used for communication.

Modifying the ports sometimes requires changes to each Agent's settings as well. For details, see Modifying Ports.

Secondary Coordinator Settings 

  • Hostname or IP: The IP address or hostname of the Secondary Coordinator machine.

  • Port: The port used to connect to the Secondary Coordinator. 9954 by default.

  • Timeout: If the Primary Coordinator is down for this amount of seconds, the Secondary Coordinator is activate.

  • Sync Frequency: The Secondary Coordinator fetches the settings and grid details from the Primary Coordinator to synchronize both machines. This defines the frequency of these synchronizations.


You can configure Incredibuild to use secure communication between internal components. For details, see SSL and HTTPS.