Running Builds in Visual Studio Code

You can run different types of projects (e.g. Ninja, MSBuild, CMake) inside the Visual Studio Code IDE by using their tasks.json file with Incredibuild settings.

The tasks.json file was designed by Visual Studio Code for running external tools, and must be customized for Incredibuild. To learn more, see the Visual Studio Code documentation.

Prepare tasks.json File

Use one of the following sample files. Modify the command line to match your Incredibuild build command and project. To learn more about incredibuild build commands, see Running Builds in Visual Studio Code and Running Builds in Visual Studio Code.

Upload and Use the tasks.json File

This procedure was created based on the Visual Studio Code documentation, taken from version 1.84. It may be different in later versions if Visual Studio Code changes the way their product handles these files.

  1. Copy your tasks.json to the .vscode folder of your project.

  2. Inside Visual Studio Code, press Ctrl+Shift+B or Run Build Task from the global Terminal menu.

  3. Type task in the search bar to display the list of build options from the Incredibuild tasks.json file such as Build Project, Rebuild Project, etc.