Initiating Incredibuild Cloud

  1. If you are using Linux, speak to your Customer Success Manager to enable Incredibuild Cloud.

  2. If you have already installed the Incredibuild Coordinator, go to there and click the Add Cloud Cores button. The location of the button varies slightly depending on which version of Incredibuild you are using:

    • Incredibuild 9.5x Windows: Coordinator Monitor

    • Linux: Coordinator

  3. Select your cloud provider and platform. The selected cloud platform will be integrated with Incredibuild Cloud to provide you with VMs for your task acceleration:

  4. Depending on your selection, continue with one of the activation procedures:

  5. If you want to use Spot machines to reduce costs while still maintaining high availability, Enable Spot now.

  6. Continue with Configuring Incredibuild Cloud Settings.