Installing Incredibuild Cloud from AWS Marketplace

You can purchase and install Incredibuild Cloud directly from AWS Marketplace. This allows you to seamlessly and quickly set up a complete Incredibuild environment including a Coordinator and Helper Agents on the cloud. You purchase packages based on how many hours your helper agents assist with your builds.

You install Incredibuild on your physical machines to initiating builds, and your cloud helper agents will help speed up your builds by sharing the workload.

This is a standalone solution including it's own Coordinator in the cloud, so if you already have an Incredibuild Coordinator it cannot connect to the environment created using the procedure below. In that case, you might want to use our standard procedure for Setting up Incredibuild Cloud.

Purchasing and Installing Incredibuild Cloud

  1. Go to the AWS Marketplace.

  2. Click View Purchase Options.

  3. Select the number of Core Hours in your plan and complete the order. The IncrediLogin window will open automatically.

  4. In the IncrediUser Login window, click Create a New User.

  5. Enter your user details and click Register.

  6. Create and enter your AWS Login details.

  7. Continue with the Cloud Settings. If you want to change these settings after configuring your environment, please contact

  8. After you receive an email, you can install Incredibuild on any machines that will be used to run builds using your Incredibuild Cloud Helpers. You can use the code provided in the email to install them using the command line, or use the Standard Installation Procedure.

    If you are not using the command line, perform a typical installation and connect to an existing Coordinator (the IP should be provided in the email). 

Changing your Coordinator Machine

In general, we recommend not changing the Coordinator machine managed in AWS as most machine types can easily handle the workload. However, if you must change the machine, you can modify the AWS instance type while retaining the Coordinator data using this article. This will require updating all of you initiator machines to point to the new IP of the new Coordinator.

We recommend contacting before initiating this process.