Release Notes

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  • Added 9 new CLI commands to help you manage licenses, Secondary Coordinators, and more.

  • You can now use the CLI to load a new license with a single command (load license), without unloading your original license.

  • Added the ability to manage the columns in the Build List.

  • Security fixes - upgraded the Apache version to prevent security vulnerabilities.


  • We changed the parameter build-cache-URL to build-cache-service-URL in the command line options. This change is backward compatible, so the original command will continue to work. This command can now be unset as well by sending the a blank value.

  • Fixed a number of known issues: 

    • Resolved an issue in which Agents sometimes appear duplicated in the agent list.

    • Extended the range of allowed ports in the coordinator UI port setting .

    • Fixed a problem with accessing an agent UI via coordinator SSL when using different ports on the coordinator and agent.


  • You can now link from some elements on the Dashboard directly to related data in the Build List.

  • Added the ability to use LDAPS when integrating your User Management with an External System.

  • Updated the behavior of Build Cache when using shared cache. Developer machines (using local cache) no longer contribute to the shared cache.

  • Fixed an issue in which build data was not stored in the Build List for more than 14 days.


  • Added support for AOSP 14.

  • Updated the date format across the Coordinator Manager to use month names instead of numbers (e.g. Dec instead of 12).

  • Improved visibility in the Agents and Build lists in the Coordinator Manager. You can now view up to 200 items per page, and your selection is saved even after logging out.

  • Added many new columns to the Build List such as Total Tasks, Max Helper Cores, and more.


  • Fixed a regression in version 4.3 affecting the Coordinator and Agent Settings.


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements in Yocto, AGL, and AOSP builds.

  • Fixed an issue in which offline agents could not be deleted from the Agent List.


  • Added support for Debian 12.

  • To enhance security, we updated the version of PHP to 8.3 and Open SSL to 3.0.

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements, including: 

    • Fixed a regression from 4.1 in Build Cache in which the first build that filled the cache (cold build) was not getting distribution.

    • Fixed a UI issue when opening the Agent UI from the Coordinator Manager's Agent List using compact view.

    • Stability improvements to the ability to collect all build logs in a single remote location.



A major release including a completely new Coordinator user interface and management capabilities.

Earlier Versions of Incredibuild for Linux

Note: Incredibuild for Linux Version 3 is going into maintenance mode and will no longer be supported after December 31, 2024.

Go to the documentation for earlier versions.